Identical twins Fabiana and Paula Chavez, known as the Chavez Twins, have achieved extraordinary success by performing as a piano duo and grabbing their audience’s attention with their powerful performances.

In 2015 the pair represented the Argentine Republic at the Visually Impaired Musicians Lives Conference at UCL, Institute of Education by mixing their piano skills with their motivational talks. In 2019 they had the honour of being nominated for the Women of the Year Lunch and Awards, which was held at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London.

Fabiana and Paula are also very active educators and are firm believers in the idea that it is never too late to learn to play the piano.
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The Chavez twins are available for concerts, social events, and private piano lessons. Please contact them to ask any further questions by clicking here.


Piano 4 hands      Clasical Aura

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Live in London 2019